Iggy Pop Was On American Idol

Iggy’s appearance on FOX’s tailspun talent show last night is somewhat surprising; his choice of wardrobe less so (as always he prefers to just “stay like I am“). At least it might be surprising? There are pros who recap and assess American Idols’ every move, and they do a good job at it and it is not our occupation and so it is difficult to say how often AI pulls an aging rocker out of the closet to help boost ratings and whoops that’s right Steven Tyler is a judge. (And reportedly is classing it up.) But here it is, Iggy performing “Real Wild Child (Wild One)” while a bunch of kids young enough to be his grandhchildren wait to find out if America has voted them back to the family farm or wherever. Hollywood! Click on for lots of Iggy’s skin. (Incidentally either it is the video’s resolution or a new moisturizing regimen but you can barely tell from this clip that that torso has seen better days, or is 63.)