Devendra Banhart Makes Lindsay Lohan A Mixtape

Who would’ve guessed that when Devendra Banhart isn’t showing folks around his crib or popping a Spiritual Boner on Conan, he’d be busy making mixtapes for Lindsay Lohan? Looks like the kindly folkie wants to help her through rehab (no, no, no) and perhaps spice up her new relationship with snowboarder Riley Giles, who left his fiancée for Double L.


(Via PR-Inside)

I made two mix CDs for her. I put Nico, Vashti Bunyan, Captain Beefheart, Caetano Veloso and Joanna Newsom on there. She totally dug them … We ended up talking about Fleetwood Mac, who we?re both obsessed with … I haven?t talked to her recently. She?s taking care of herself. I?m trying to give her some space, because I think now is a tough time for her.

Considering all the coke they did, we’re not surprised she’s “obsessed with” Fleetwood Mac. Ditto for Nico and the Captain and their drugs of choice. It’s a bit tougher, though, imagining her nodding out to Y’s — E, maybe. Bad drug references aside, wonder if DB managed to slip Spank Rock on there?