New Final Fantasy (Feat. Zach Condon) – “Hey Dad”

Owen Pallett’s back with some post-He Poos Clouds Final Fantasy as a part of Tomlab’s Alphabet Single series. The two tracks on X, recorded in Montreal with Zach Condon, predate the tunes on the full-length. If you remember, Pallett sings and handles string arrangements and some recording duties on Beirut’s still-fresh and French The Flying Club Cup. The tracks — “Hey Dad” and “What Do You Think Will Happen Next? — are both live regulars, though, so they should be at least semi-familiar to Final Fantasy fanatics. Have a listen of the super A-Side “Hey Dad,” which opens with a melancholic string sweep and scissoring, orchestral Glass rhythms before gliding into a grandiose pop hymn that — amid all its beauty — manages to keep the “poo” theme alive by mentioning tossing shit on a table. Kudos, Owen.


Totally blustery and completely breathtaking. If you want more Pallett, the next Final Fantasy long-player Heartland’s expected fall 2008. For now, the X 7″ is out 11/6 in an edition of 500 on Tomlab.