The Killers Bring An Orchestra And “A Dustland Fairytale” To Letterman

For better and for The Worst, the Killers are a band intent on bleeding their strongest, most irresistible singles into albums that want desperately to be grand, All American masterpieces. Sometimes that means aping masters that have done it before (his name rhymes with Springsteen), and sometimes that means taking an orchestra to Ed Sullivan Theatre for a song that’s all about slick chrome American princes and blue jean serenades. This is a post about the latter option. Last night Brandon Flowers shot for the moon on Letterman with “A Dustland Fairytale,” and whatever you might think it lacks, ambition is not it. That grab is from the 10 seconds he decided he was conducting the orchestra. Afterward Dave is all about joy-riding around with the Killers in a van and teasing people, which sounds awfully familiar.

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