Who’s The Boss Listening To?

We showed Against Me! some wine-drenched love a ways back and got mostly grief for it. First comment: “This is absolute dog shit.” Sigh. If only Bruce Springsteen were a regular Stereogum commenter! We recently mentioned everyone covering the Boss, but ever wonder what current bands he might like to cover? Well, besides Against Me!, of course.

[photo via Brooklyn Vegan]

Over at rollingstone.com, you can listen to outtakes from the Springsteen interview in the current issue (right, the one with Bruce on the cover). Turns out he learns a lot about music from his kids (a little bit country, a little bit top 40), but he’s mostly digging bands that “create community” like Dropkick Murphys (“really good live … great live band”) , Against Me! (“New Wave, that’s a great record … love that record”), Social Distortion (“I’m still a big Social Distortion fan … one of the not-heralded-enough great American rock bands”). Of course, like most folks in the world he also digs “Umbrella.” We’re still hoping the man consummates his love for the National and adds a Nebraska-style spin to “Fake Empire.” Am sure Doveman would help out. And we’ll go ahead and assume the Boss digs Neon Bible.