New An Horse Video – “Camp Out” (Stereogum Premiere)

An Horse is a male/female Brisbane, Australia indie-pop duo who sorta feel like Butterglory via Mates Of State. Kate Cooper and Damon Cox, who did a number of dates with Tegan & Sara, come Sara Quin-approved and are about to play some dates with Chris Walla’s BTW Telekinesis, both of which should also offer some insight into, if not their sound, at least the general aesthetic they tap. Their Rearrange Beds has birthed an anthem of sorts in the form of “Camp Out,” a track they recently performed on Letterman and for which we have this here Angela Kendall-directed video.

An Horse – “Camp Out” (MP3)

Rearrange Beds is out via Mom & Pop. You can find it at iTunes. And you’ll find their tour dates at MySpace.

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