Roky Erikson, Mark Lanegan Become Bobbleheads

Aggronautix, the same company behind the slash nonfiction comix book Henry & Glenn Forever (depicting a loving spousal relationship between Henry Rollins and Glenn Danzig), has a series of musician bobbleheads (or “Throbbleheads”) that they add to every year. This year their offerings include new editions of the G. G. Allin and Wendy O. Williams bobbleheads, as well as new Black Flag/OFF! frontman Keith Morris, and Roky Erickson. Mark Lanegan’s bobblehead, which includes his distinctive star tattoos, is available on his website. Not shown on his bobblehead: his other 50 tattoos. Check out the Roky Erickson and Mark Lanegan editions below:

Roky Bobblehead
Mark Lanegan Bobblehead