Last Minute Indie Rock Halloween Costume Ideas

We’ve had our share of technical difficulties today (that’s what we get for having a site updated by witches), but it’s time to get in costume and trick or treat or drink the pain away. You really should have your costume all picked out by now, but because there’s bound to be a procrastinator or two amongst you, let’s dive into some indie rock ideas for desperate Halloween disguises.

Tall and skinny? Grab a dress and be Bradford Cox. Not so tall and not at all skinny? Grab goggles, bright colors and a trippy green skull and … voilà: Dan Deacon. You’re always just a set of ventilated, venetian blind shades away from a Kanye costume…

Or a massive beard away from Ben Bridwell or Sam Beam.

If you need tips for your Amy Winehouse costume, head over to Brooklyn Vegan; he’s got pics of like 300 different folks that already have your idea.

And there’s always Steve Jobs (or an iPhone!).

If you’re sitting on some good ideas — or pics of something rocking you wore or saw — post ‘em up for the greater good. And one helpful hint: every getup is better zombified (especially you “Dick In A Box”-costumed folks).