The Breeders & Deerhunter Host A “Bragging Party”

Bradford Cox has never been shy about his love of the Breeders and the Deal sisters in general, so this live collaboration on the Amps’ “Bragging Party” must have felt like some sort of dream come true (or, correct, a chance for a bragging party). The performance took place on the main stage at this past weekend’s All Tomorrow’s Parties at Butlins Holiday Centre in Minehead, UK. It goes well. We have the footage from two different angles. The second one’s not the entire video, but it does help flesh out the scene some, while giving you a better chance of counting Cox’s goosebumps.

A fragment from a different angle:

(Both via Deerhunter)

In addition to the oldies, don’t forget the Breeders’ Fate To Fatal and Deerhunter’s new cassette.