The Wicker Park Soundtrack

Yesterday I mentioned the movie Wicker Park. IMDB describes the plot: “A young Chicago investment banker (Josh Hartnett) believes a woman he sees in a cafe is his long-lost love. His conviction leads to obsession, as he puts his life on hold to trail her.” You can watch the trailer here. Can’t say I’m gonna see the flick, but this soundtrack looks promising:

Wicker Park Soundtrack
1. Maybe Tomorrow ? Stereophonics
2. Everybody Is Somebody ? Lifehouse (exclusive for soundtrack)
3. A Movie Script Ending ? Death Cab For Cutie (unreleased acoustic version)
4. How To Be Dead ? Snow Patrol
5. Lover?s Spit ? Broken Social Scene
6. Retour A Vega ? The Stills (unreleased track)
7. Flowers in December ? Mazzy Star
8. When The Day Is Done ? The Legends
9. When I Goosestep ? The Shins (rare, non-album track)
10. Light Switch ? Jaime Wyatt (exclusive for soundtrack)
11. These Days ? Mates of State (rare, non-album track)
12. All I Do – +/-
13. We Have a Map of the Piano ? Mum
14. Against All Odds ? Postal Service (rare, non-album track)
15. Strange and Beautiful ? Aqualung
16. I know You Are But What Am I? – Mogwai
17. The Scientist ? Johnette Napolitano (exclusive Coldplay cover for soundtrack)

Lakeshore Records VP tells

The film is an obsessive love story, and the soundtrack absolutely captures that feeling ? when you listen to it, you?re completely immersed in this very personal, wanting place.

It is truly an alignment of the stars to have the theme from a movie about obsessive love from 20 years ago [1984’s “Against All Odds”] ? that also happened to be a #1 hit and is The Postal Service’s first soundtrack contribution ? on this record. When I reached out to the band’s label about getting something from them for Wicker Park, they said, “We have this non-album track; it’s a cover of a pop song called ‘Against All Odds.'” I was floored. I said, “You?ve got to be kidding.” For me, personally, that?s the crown jewel of this album.

The [Pretty In Pink soundtrack] just captured the cultural zeitgeist of a musical moment. Wicker Park does the same thing in much the same way. It?s Pretty In Pink for this generation

Um, if you say so label dude. Anyway “Against All Odds” will in fact be the first single.

The Postal Service – “Against All Odds”