Wait, Is Bitte Orca The Best Album Of 2009?

This post is a really big deal because we never ask questions like this. (We always ask questions like this.) But for real this time … did Bitte Orca do it? Is this the one? It’s almost December right? At SXSW, where Dirty Projectors debuted the Bitte material in a set that’s a frontrunner for my favorite show of the year, Dave Longstreth punctuated the 45 minute premiere of his triumphant, fractured pop opuses and Meredith Monking mind explosions with a matter-of-fact declaration: “Those are all new songs, from a new album we have called Bitte Orca. We’re pretty excited about it.” We have been too, and so has the rest of the internet, asking questions and giving it scores that aren’t high enough, etc. I don’t think we’d rewrite a thought from our Premature Ejaculation, but we’d add that having had some time with the album, it’s one of few this year that rewards — and gets better — with sustained listening and revisitation. It don’t stop. And as the suite Longstreth composed in its wake for Björk (in just one week) demonstrated, neither will DPs.

Anyway, we’re taking off for Bonnaroo. We’ll see DPs play the David Byrne-curated stage on Friday, yay. As always we’ll have more photos than you need and Scott and I will be manning the Tweet, but until that coverage begins this weekend we’re gonna leave you with the best gift we can: A full stream of what is possibly maybe the best album of 2009.

Bitte Orca is out now. Buy a Walkman and dig in.

[Photo by Sarah Cass]