There Are Two Jeff Buckley Biopics, Actually

For years we’ve been talking about casting the long rumored Jeff Buckley biopic, not realizing Hollywood actually had TWO films concerning Jeff Buckley in mind. It is frustrating to think that all along we could have enjoyed being TWICE as dubious about their likelihood to get the casting right! Bygones. So the film that Scott wrote about last week, with Gossip Girl star Penn Badgley, is called Greetings From Tim Buckley, and while it seems to center on Jeff himself, it is less of a full-scale biopic than it is a dramatic retelling of Jeff’s legendary, star-making performance at the tribute concert to his father at St. Mark’s Church. (Readers of Dream Brother know the story well.) This one has no rights to Jeff’s music, so your dreams of seeing Dan Humphrey lipsync “Lover You Should Have Come Over” are dashed. Sorry to all the aspiring Serenas out there.

The other project is the one more familiar to close Jeff Buckley biopic followers. It is the full-blown biopic that has been in discussions forever, for which Jeff’s mom Mary Guibert has been enlisted as an executive producer. This one does have the rights to Jeff’s music, and the right to use Jeff Browne’s Dream Brother (a worthwhile biography on Tim and Jeff Buckley) as a source. (via FilmDrunk) And that one is, according to the rumor mill, still without its star. The baseless Buckley casting conjecture game just got a re-up.