Wilco – “I Might”

Wilco’s new single “I Might” has gone on sale at this weekend’s Solid Sound Fest (AKA Wilcopalooza) in North Adams, MA. The song’s a taut stomper, with circular riffs and snaky organs highlighting an indelible chorus (“It’s alright/ You won’t set the kids on fire/ But I might”). The track is Tweedy & Co’s first for their own label dBpm, which they already love so much they covered Nick Lowe’s “I Love My Label” on the b-side. Take a listen to “I Might”:

“I Might” gets a wide release on 7/18. LP8 The Whole Love arrives in September.

UPDATE: And here’s the B-Side (H/T covermesongs):

Wilco – “I Love My Label” (Nick Lowe Cover)

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