Wonkette’s House Of Style

Washington Post catches up with Wonkette at the DNC…

MTV’s newest correspondent here is Ana Marie Cox, better known as the foulmouthed blogger Wonkette.

Cox is considering segments on delegate fashion — such as the wearing of credentials as a carefully placed accessory — and the e-mailing addiction of those who (like her) are always tapping at what they call their CrackBerry.

“Fluffy stuff is important because politics shouldn’t be like eating your spinach,” Cox says, sitting on a bench in the FleetCenter hall. “I’m dessert. But politics is a full meal.”

Cox dismisses much programming aimed at the youth demographic as “either high-minded civility — you should vote because it’s important — or you should vote because Madonna does.”

Her wardrobe orders from MTV were “anything but a suit — don’t look like a grown-up.” Accordingly, she is wearing a white T-shirt, jeans, black jacket and Converse sneakers.

“If terrorists attack, I’ll be able to run out of the building,” Cox says. “Surviving a terrorist attack is the new black.”

Thanks Uncle Grambo for the link.

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