Old Folks Review Dirty Projectors, Interview Fiery Furnaces

The last time Scott checked in with the old folks (his favorite folks) of Breakfast At Sulmay’s, he requested they do Dirty Projectors next. And so they did. Seeing how polarizing the arty Brooklyn band’s Bitte Orca can be among the Stereogum readership, whose average age is a mere 57, just imagine these seniors’ response. (Ann asks, “Take a look at me, do I look like I’m into Oriental music?” It’s a rhetorical question.) Also I think it’s the only DPs review to work in a reference to Bob Dylan, so +1 on that. The panel’s split on Wilco, and also takes on Yo La and Raphael Saandiq (spoken sic), but the predictable crankiness the series thrives on is paused for a legitimately adorable interview between Joe and the Fiery Furnaces. He schools Eleanor and Matt about “Shadrack” (the 1930s tune with lyrics about throwing kids “in the fiery furnace”), and overall the Friedbergers enjoy a quiet, wholesome rapport with the old timer. But that’s not so surprising coming from a band that recorded an album with their grandma.

Wilco & Dirty Projectors

Joe Interviews Fiery Furnaces

Yo La Tengo & Raphael Saadiq

What should we ask for next? Phoenix? (UPDATE: Phoenix below, thanks Alex!) The new HEALTH? Polvo? Maybe they’d like that Bowerbirds song. Joe loves his lyrics, particularly when they don’t sound Chinese.

Doom & Phoenix