New M83 – “Couleurs”

Anthony Gonzales, aka M83, like his sounds big. Good thing: We dig M83 the most when Gonzales is jetting through space-y epics that feel like they could implode at any minute, making the whole universe glow. The band’s fifth studio record Saturdays = Youth is out this spring. We’ve only heard one track, the smooth-as-the-milky-way “Couleurs,” and it doesn’t sound quite as towering as the flickering, cinematic flourishes of 2005’s Before The Dawn Heals Us. M83 gets shit for being too purple (Eno on steroids, or whatever), but it’s the excess we love, so let’s hope Saturdays = Youth strikes-up the space orchestra, plums the depths and heights of teen angst, and doesn’t unfold with the ambient restraint of Digital Shades: Volume 1. The first single’s called “Graveyard Girl,” which sounds promising in the angst department, but here’s “Couleurs,” a dusted dance bit straight from Antibes, France. It’s all about love and death, ain’t it Anthony?

We take it back — that shit is plenty epic. It’s just that the arc is less like a rocket ship. Seems Gonzales has been hanging with Kelley Polar, maybe. Anyhow, here’s the Saturdays = Youth tracklist.

01 “You, Appearing”
02 “Kim & Jessie”
03 “Skin Of The Night”
04 “Graveyard Girl”
05 “Couleurs”
06 “Up!”
07 “We Own The Sky”
08 “Highway Of Endless Dreams”
09 “Too Late”
10 “Dark Moves Of Love”
11 “Midnight Souls Still Remain”

Dude definitely owns the sky.

Saturdays = Youth is out 4/15 on Mute.

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