New Michael Jackson (Feat. Fergie) – “Beat It ’08”

Man have we got good news for you if you enjoy the pointless reworking of classic music! The Thriller desecration continues, under the veil of the hastily assembled, ’08-stamped studio abortions. If you thought the Kanye joint was bad news and relatively uneventful, Fergie’s here to change your mind, going for an “Unforgettable” style line-trading collaboration, except that MJ’s not dead and Fergie sounds more like a strangled cat with a ruptured meow box than Natalie Cole. At least she has better pitch than her shot at Bond. Click around in MattP’s little iMeem box of MJ remix magic at your own risk to your ears.

Remember, all this stuff is out on the Thriller – 25th Anniversary Edition, out 2/12/08, ostensibly timed as such in order to be one of the worst Valentine’s gifts you could give your lover.