R.E.M.’s New Album Gets Title, Website

We saw and heard a lot from R.E.M. in ’07 — between their Live videos and our homage, it seemed like Stipe & Co. were never far from our thoughts. On this first official blogging day of ’08, seems like that trend’s continuing into the New Year: It’s official that the Athenians’ 14th album, recorded in Vancouver and Dublin and produced by Jacknife Lee, will be titled Accelerate, and should be out in April. Those of you paying attention to R.E.M. ’07 ought to remember the role Dublin’s Olympia Theatre played in their live video. According to NME:

Confirmed tracks for the album include ‘Until The Day Is Done’, ‘Living Well Is The Best Revenge’, ‘Mr Richards’, ‘Staring Down The Barrel Of Middle Distance’, and ‘I’m Gonna DJ’, a regular in the band’s set on their 2004/2005 world tour.

Frontman Michael Stipe said the guitar-driven LP is “the fastest we’ve made in 20 years”.

He told Q: “I think the songs on ‘Around The Sun’ are great, but in the process of recording we lost our focus as a band. Now, that focus is back. And it’s razor sharp.”

As sharp as a Jacknife? So far we’ve heard “Until The Day Is Done” with Anderson Cooper accompaniment. The album website they’ve created in conjunction with Vincent Moon is pretty sharp, too. Here’s a screen grab. More details after the jump.

Man, on the Moon! Ninety Nights will stream a new 30-60 second video for the next … ninety nights. Reportedly, the videos will only be hi-res for a day — after that, they’re archived low-res style. So far it looks less street-walking Take-Away and more like Vincent’s shadowy work for the National (Wait, did R.E.M. get this idea from A Skin, A Night?) It’s still early, so who knows where this’ll go, but promises to at least be worth the bookmarking. Today’s video features blurred, car-passing prettiness: Folks waiting on a curb, looking expectantly at smeary vehicles. Wonder if it’ll all add up to some cohesive narrative at the end.

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