Operation Disintegration

Last night at Celeste’s birthday, Jen, Jess, and Lanha wanted to know all about Britney. Britney this, Britney that. I’m sorry to break it to you am I not some crazy Britney expert.

But here’s Kevin buying coffee at 7-11:

Britney’s totally gonna put her lips on that. Sigh.

Here are some “links”:

  • Rivers Cuomo’s Harvard readmission entry that Rolling Stone was quoting from the other day (link via Catchdubs).
  • Nicolas Cage’s new fiancee wife, 20-year-old former waitress Alice Kim, is not interested is his money (link via Hustler Of Culture).
  • Sarah’s been deconstructing the Donnie Darko soundtrack ever since she stopped drinking.
  • Does M. Night Shyamalan’s The Village really suck that much?

    Off to Curiosa! If you see me, say hi.

    Happy birthday Celeste!