The Outsiders: Vol. 3

Not all of Stereogum’s favorite sounds conform to what folks expect us to cover. In this space, resident Bananafish fetishist Brandon Stosuy focuses on bands, albums, singles, and villages in Sweden that may otherwise pass by unnoticed. This week’s eclectic virtual milk crate contains Nadja, Valet, Svarte Greiner, and something extra from Excepter.

Since 2004, Aiden Baker and Leah Bucharkeff have gotten better and better at making a mighty clamor as Nadja (Baker began the group as a solo project in ’03). Things are especially jam-packed on the Toronto duo’s Bliss Torn From Emptiness, a reworking of an earlier CD-R, which layers guitars, shape-shifting drum machines, fuzzy electronics, bass, and the mastering of ex-Khanate, current Khlyst dude James Plotkin into a bigger 43-minute excursion. The new Bliss is divided into three 18-minute tracks, but if you don’t stare at iTunes, they blend into one piece. The freakishly reliable Canadian label Profound Lore, who’re releasing the record 1/29, were kind enough to let me stream all of part two — see how it goes from an M83 choir-of-angels to a purring-then-lapping piano-esque sectional after the jump.


If Nadja is news to you, listen to samples from a few of their other releases, including bits from ’07’s excellent Radiance of Shadows and Touched at the band’s site.

Continuing one a drone-y path, albeit with increased psychedelics, Valet is Portland’s Honey Owens. She’s collaborated/played in Nudge, Dark Yoga, Jackie-O Motherfucker, and WORLD (with Adam Forkner, aka White Rainbow). Continuing the overlap, Valet and White Rainbow will be opening for Atlas Sound on Bradford Cox’s upcoming tour and Honey co-runs the Yarnlazer label with Forkner. What we have here is “Kehaar,” from her sophomore album Naked Acid, which is out 3/3 on Kranky, sporting sweaty and excellent Bitches Brew-style artwork. Note: “Kehaar” references the gull in Watership Down.

Valet – “Kehaar” (MP3)

That’s Mark Even Burden, aka Silentist on drums.

Taking things a step more minimal is Svarte Greiner, the solo project of Norway’s Erik K. Skodvin, who’s also one half of Deaf Center. His last full-length, 2006’s Knive, was one of that year’s unsung masterpieces: heavy, but beyond-spare doom electronics and eviscerated, ghostly field recordings. Til Seters, a three-song 12″ EP forthcoming in an edition of 300 on the new New York “label,” a room forever, run by Roadside Picnic’s Joshua Zucker (full disclosure: we’re friends, but my love of Svarte Greiner predates his association with Joshua’s label). You can hear one of the tracks “Kobbergruve, Endelig Jeg Fant,” and a bunch of older stuff at Erik’s MySpace. Joshua says to expect the 12″ in February.

Finally, why not end things on a lighter note with Excepter, who invade the down-home Brooklyn restaurant Pies N Thighs (yum) to make a dance-down point on “Burgers (Medium Rare Edit)” from their forthcoming Paw Tracks release Dept Dept (out 3/25). Note it’s the band in the previously reported expanded form — oldsters John Fell Ryan, Dan Hougland, Jon Nicholson, and Nathan Corbin with Clare Amory and Lala Ryan.

Just in time for lunch. Remember, food workers, Excepter also have fun day jobs, including directing Panda Bear’s “Bros” video. If you’re in the NYC area, you can see Excepter live this Friday with the awesome Religious Knives and Ecstatic Sunshine (both are awesome, see) at the Music Hall Of Williamsburg (starts late, 11:30). You have to be 18 to make it through the door, junior noise lovers. Get more info and more Debt Dept at MySpace.