BBC Poll Picks 2008’s Breakout Artists

The BBC conducted a poll of 150 music critics regarding the new bands they see breaking out in ’08. For those of you who read the lists by British experts we posted a couple weeks ago, the top 10 shouldn’t be much of a surprise — eight of the acts appeared previously, but there are two outsiders. Here’s the top 10 via NME:

10 Santogold
08 Black Kids
07 Joe Lean and the Jing Jang Jong
06 Vampire Weekend

05 Foals
04 Glasvegas
03 The Ting Tings
02 Duffy
01 Adele

Can you name the two we didn’t see last time? If you guessed the elegantly emotional Scottish rock quartet Glasvegas and Stereofave Santogold, you either have a great memory, or you went back and cross-referenced (or you were commenter Michael who sagely posted last time, “Shocked no one mentioned Santogold”). According to that list, it really is the big year of female vocalists (Adele, Duffy, The Ting Tings, etc), bands we all expected to blow-up (Vampire Weekend, Black Kids), and ex-Pipettes drummers (Joe Lean and the Jing Jang Jong). Anything missing? What say you? We’ll start: These New Puritans, right?

Anyway, Santi White: Cover Girl. Already!

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<p>Now, put out your first album! </p>

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