New Rye Rye (Feat. M.I.A.) Video – “Bang”

M.I.A. protegé Rye Rye unleashed this banger around SXSW time, as one of the first releases on Maya’s nascent N.E.E.T. label. And the 18 year old’s first single is cloaked in her mentor’s matronhood, from the hook’s “bang”s, to the video dancers’ neon outfits (a la Coachella), to the video’s directorial credit (it’s Arulpragasam’s debut in the director’s chair). Still, young Rye manages to stamp it her own with those dance moves that she honed after many shows, oh right, as a background dancer for M.I.A. Good song anyway, and it looks like Rye Rye throws fun Baltimore parties at which I would most definitely be a wallflower.

(via Spinner)

Ryeisha “Rye Rye” Berrain’s debut is due out sometime soon on N.E.E.T. Blaqstarr produced this track, and you can fairly assume Sinden, Switch, Diplo, or all of them will take credits on the LP.

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