James Knows Big Words, Binge Drinking

You may remember my friend James as the guy who started fights about Oasis with people on this blog. He thinks he’s smart because he’s British. Anyway, he’s written a great piece for RawStory.com about binge drinking in Britain. The politicians blame in on the Sixties; the newspapers blame it on the Eighties; he thinks it’s the Nineties:

But why stop there? What of the Nineties, with its boorish celebration of unfettered hedonism? Think back to the boozy arrogance of Oasis, whose failure to find any ?action? was fine because, after all, they had ?cigarettes and alcohol.? Recall the pissed-up antics of the Absolutely Fabulous girls and the laddish lifestyles celebrated in such magazines as Loaded and Maxim and on television?s Men Behaving Badly. Surely the class of 2004 came of age in the era of Carrie and Samantha, Noel and Liam, Patsy and Edina, the Sea Breeze and Cosmo Girl, the alcopop and the lad mag, and rest of the past decade?s self-indulgent, feckless, and solipsistic culture.

Read it here. Cheers.