New Crushed Stars – Gossamer Days

The third album from Todd Gaureau’s Crushed Stars project is entitled Gossamer Days, and you won’t find a more truthfully evocative Artist – Title pairing, anywhere. Listening to, say, the opening track “Spies,” is a little like watching celestial bodies shooting up a hazy night sky, stardust in slow-mo. Like a less enunciated Red House Painters. “Life Until Now,” meanwhile, introduces slightly more insistent snares and hi-hats, but by verse two that’s milk-coated with warmed, plinking keyboard patterns and texturizing, rising guitars, keeping everything … very … dreamy. Actually the plaintive, gazing vibe inspired an interoffice chat about how so much of the new music we’ve been digging is coming up lullaby-style of late. It’s not everything, natch (hello, Los Campesinos!) but … are the good times over? Regardless, if the ADHD respite sounds like this, sign us up.

Crushed Stars – “Spies”
Crushed Stars – “Life Until Now”

Gossamer Days is out 2/19 on Simulacra.

Crushed Stars - Gossamer Days