Best Coast – “How They Want Me To Be”

Earlier this week we posted Drew Barrymore’s tragic Warriors/West Side Story-inspired clip for Best Coast’s “Our Deal,” featuring Chloë Moretz, iCarly, the bro from MTV’s Teen Wolf, and (according to some of you) some pretty shoddy editing. Continuing the not-so-sunny vibe comes this forlorn preview from Bethany Cosentino’s next LP. “How They Want Me To Be” was just posted to her blog as a thank you to fans. She writes:

You guys have been some of the most wonderful fans this past year, and I want to thank each and every one of you for supporting Best Coast. When times are rough for me, and I am traveling and not sleeping, and am worried about daily life, it always makes me feel better to know that my fans are out there.

I know I’ve been talking a lot about our second album, but it’s still very far away from being created. I wanted to share a bit of life from recent Best Coast with you guys, so I thought I would post this song for you all to hear as a little teaser for the album.

This song was recorded a few months ago at Black Iris, the same studio we recorded “Crazy For You.” This song is not properly mixed, it’s mostly a rough studio demo of a song I wrote and wanted to record. I am about 99% sure that this song will get re-recorded and changed up a bit and will end up on our second album. It’s called “How They Want Me To Be.”

It’s just a small taste of what’s to come, and I wanted to give you guys something to get excited about since you’ve been the best fans in the whole world!

I am off to New York to start a weekend of fly in dates, so wish me luck, and I hope you all love this song and I can’t wait to record more.


Best Coast – “How They Want Me To Be”

If you’re heading to Lolla, you can catch Best Coast on the Google+ stage Sunday evening.

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