Foo Fighters Debut “Wheels” At The White House

At the end of last year, Dave Grohl said the Foos were gonna take a long break from the playing and the writing and the appearing at things. But when Top Chef calls, you man up. And since you’re already out there, you may as well say OK when Obama and the USO invite you to play an Independence Day concert on the White House lawn. According to the, Jimmy Fallon MC’d the event, saying “Look at where we are, that’s the White House,” adding, unpredictably, “This is awesome.” Which it probably was. The President honored the military families in attendance, Michelle Branch did a thing, and it all concluded with about six songs from Foo Fighters. Their set was cut off by the fireworks display on the mall, but not before the debut of this new song titled “Wheels.” It’s the closest the Foos have come to writing a Tom Petty song yet.

UPDATE: Performance was taken down from YouTube, but you can try this studio audio rip, which has been hilariously transposed so the copyright-sniffing robots don’t find it.

I guess we should be on the look out for new Foo material. [Grohl pic via patti_heck.]

UPDATE: This just in from the PR tap…

The studio version of “Wheels” will be one of two new tracks the band has recorded with producer Butch Vig specifically for an as yet untitled collection due out this November.

A collection will probably be the long overdue greatest hits set, so there you go.