New White Hinterland – “Dreaming Of The Plum Trees”

22-year old vocalist/pianist/etc. Casey Dienel records as White Hinterland. We received Phylactery Factory, her follow-up to 2006’s Wind-Up Canary over the weekend, and have been playing quite a bit ever since. Her stuff’s wordy, chirpy, and jazzed-out. Her bookishness is fun — the name of the first song on Phylactery Factory (maybe a “Piss Factory” nod, or she’s just making amulets) is called “Destruction Of The Art Deco House” and she also sings about Napoleon, metal birds (on one of our favorites “Lindberghs + Metal Birds”), Calliope (for one of her bigger Joni Mitchell turns), and small town homecomings with all their streamers. Musically we thought about Jolie Holland at first, and she can trill her scenery-setting words like a Newsom, but this is heavier somehow — and not just because of the roaring psych guitar line on “Dreaming Of The Plum Trees,” which you’ll find below.

White Hinterland – “Dreaming Of The Plum Trees” (MP3)

“I fell in love again tonight / my heart bled red as dye / through the floor boards.” Maybe it’s that sorta Marissa Nadler darkness we’re feeling when we talk heavy. (Or, hey, maybe it’s the cartoon hyenas ripping apart the cartoon zebra on the album cover.) Whatever the case, we’ll keep listening.

Phylactery Factory is out 3/4 on Dead Oceans.

White Hinterland & Cat
[Photo by Tod Seelie]