Watch The Throne Comment Party

At 12AM Kanye and Jay-Z pulled off the leakless LP release of the music industry’s dreams, along with inspiring the robust Twitter hashtags #WTTRules (via @RobMarkman: “No. 1: The album has to be out a FULL 5 DAYS before any person, publication or Online outfit declare it ‘Classic.'”) and the less-meta/more critic-y #WTT. So it’s not a competition, but obviously only One Rapper Will Win All The Thrones. Who is it?? For an album as character-driven as WTT, pitting two of the largest figures in pop culture against/alongside each other, it’s a nicely neutralizing touch for the first voice heard to be neither of theirs. (Hi, Frank Ocean.) And yet let’s compare opening lyrics. Jay: “Tares on the mausoleum floors / blood stains the Colosseum doors” vs. Kanye: “Coke on black skin makes a stripe like a zebra — I call that jungle fever.” (Point, Mr. West.) Also weirdly neutralizing: More than one quote from the film Blades Of Glory. (Yes that one.) Otherwise, so far so good, though we are barely into it so far. So, comment party time: Snag the 16-track deluxe edition of Watch The Throne over at iTunes (physical release is out 8/12 via Def Jam, with the deluxe edition exclusively at Best Buy until 8/22), and go H.A.M. below.

Tags: Jay-Z, Kanye West