New Almighty Defenders – “Bow Down And Die” (Stereogum Premiere)

After collaborating with GZA on “The Drop I Hold,” the Black Lips have found a more seamless super grouping via the Almighty Defenders, their new project with fellow garage howlers King Khan and Mark Sultan. We’re told the idea for the band emerged after the Lips fled India and ended up crashing at Khan’s place in Berlin. The 11 tracks were recorded at Moon Studios in said city. Take a listen to the booming, chivalrous third song “Bow Down and Die” to get an idea of what to expect. You can also inspect the album art’s upside down cross more clearly and then try to figure out what “Death Cult Soup n’ Salad” will sound like.

The Almighty Defenders – “Bow Down And Die” (MP3)

01 “All My Loving”
02 “The Ghost With the Most”
03 “Bow Down and Die”
04 “Cone of Light”
05 “Jihad Blues”
06 “30 Second Air Blast”
07 “Death Cult Soup n’ Salad”
08 “I’m Coming Home”
09 “Over the Horizon”
10 “She Came Before Me”
11 “The Great Defender”

The Almighty Defenders is on LP and digitally 9/22 via Vice.

UPDATE: Here’s another…

The Almighty Defenders – “Cone Of Light” (MP3)