Today Is Michael Jackson’s Memorial

As with most events in the final act of his life, the King Of Pop’s memorial today at Los Angeles’ Staples Center comes with pomp, overwhelming media attention, and of course, controversy. The star-studded event — promising appearances from Stevie Wonder, Usher, Mariah Carey, Lionel Richie, Johny Mayer, Kobe Bryant, Jennifer Hudson, and the Jackson family — will reach an estimated 1 billion people worldwide via movie theaters, webcast, and telecast, while 11,000 fans (and 9,000 Jackson family guests) will attend the ticketed affair that countless thousands will celebrate just by lining the streets. Which is gonna cost $3.5MM to a city in a state that is already running a deficit, hence the whole thing not being a great idea to people who didn’t like him and/or like solvent governments. The details have been scant, but representatives and AEG Live promise a tribute befitting pop royalty. It starts at 1PM EST. Stream it at MySpace, or Hulu, or CNN, or on your television set.