New Basia Bulat Video – “In The Night”

Pretty sure it was Said The Gramophone or Chromewaves that first turned us on to Basia back in ’06, and here we are two years later not having made good on our interest with this space, here — but, Basia unleashing her very first video is a good excuse to change that. The clip sees Bulat play the Pied Autoharper of London, Ontario, leading a pretty motley crew of drumming bears, Mardi Gras paraders, scarved preps, and skeleton men on a march through the night. Director Andy Seck’s attempt to have Basia charm you ala Feist feels a little forced in (obvious) comparison to the giggly spontaneity of say “1234,” but, in pockets, we’ll admit to being charmed. Next time don’t try so hard, Basia; you don’t have to.

Oh, My Darling is out via Rough Trade.

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