Black Cab Sessions Come To America, Film A Doc

The most notable of the La Blogotheque-spurred school of highly situational, highly intimate music performance and interview video pieces often came from London’s Black Cab Sessions, which spent a good couple of years being a wellspring of interesting bits with all manner of bands — from Brian Wilson to to Jens Lekman (singing “Black Cab,” because everyone involved is wise like that) — all shot in the back of a London Black Cab. And like all manner of interesting UK musical projects, the time came for it to tour America. Below is the trailer for a six part documentary filmed by the Black Cab Sessions, taking scene portraits all over the States, featuring conversations and performances with the likes of Jack White, Black Thought and Questlove, Big Freedia, and clearly many more, all in the back of some London Black Cabs. [Disclosure: I am featured in the Brooklyn section of the doc, sitting in the back talking about Glasslands and blogs and things while driving around Williamsburg. The driver was on the right side and everything. Here’s a picture of the Black Cab in front of my place.] Nice John C. Reilly cameo, also:

Black Cab Sessions USA from Black Cab Sessions on Vimeo.

The doc unfolds in six parts, broadcast dates and other opportunities to see it forthcoming. Keep up at the site.