New Badly Drawn Boy Video – “The Time Of Times”

This “slightly revamped” take on Badly Drawn Boy’s “The Time Of Times” is from the forthcoming UK film Definitely Maybe, which centers on a guy with an impending divorce attempting to explain love to his daughter. Likely tear jerky, yes, but oh so bitter and sweet in equal parts, as you’ll figure out on your own by watching the following.

Does he have a closet full of those hats? Even without the crying kid and the when-we-met-and-fell-in-love flashbacks, there’s lots of drama: “Your head feels like your body / Your mind is close behind / There’s a teardrop on your shoulder.” And now there’s a teardrop on mine. He might be drawn badly, but dude’s good at providing just the right amount of introspection to heart warming UK flicks.

“The Time Of Times” is out as a download 2/4 or on the film’s soundtrack, which will be released by EMI. Uh oh.