The ‘Gum Drop XCVI: Hear Chad VanGaalen’s Black Mold, Win A Motorola Rival A455

Black Mold is the electronic project of 2009 Polaris Finalist Chad VanGaalen. Debut LP Snow Blindness Is Crystal Antz (out 8/11 via Flemish Eye) is a collection of instrumental sounds created mostly via acoustic instruments, bells, vintage analogue/hand-built modular synths, etc. See, for example, the lovely, otherworldly cello explorations of opener “Metal Spider Webs.” It premiered in this weeks’ Drop. While we had him, we asked Chad about the song and the project. He let us know, among other things, about where he goes to “smoke tweezoids” and “trip out on potato bugs” and that he once “had a dream where Santa had a toy train coming out of his vagina loaded with toys.” Take a look/listen.

This week we also offered the chance for three winners to take home a new Motorola Rival A455, “a loaded messaging machine that helps you out-thumb your friends.”

We have three Motorola Rival A455 phones to give away to three winners. The Rival A455 is described as “a loaded messaging machine that helps you out-thumb your friends.” The specifics:

With one touch access to IM-style texting and emoticons, a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, a touch dial pad and fast EVDO connectivity, Motorola Rival keeps you connected at an affordable price.

Available in two colors: Tin Silver and Purple, this pocket-friendly slider device holds up to 500 text messages and then organizes them by contact and displays them in a chat-like format.

This is what it looks like in silver:

In purple:

And from the side:

Motorola’s also launched what they’re calling the Thumb-Fu Challenge, an online game that “lets consumers compete for the title of ‘Thumb-Fu Master.'” Test your mettle or find out more about the A455 at You can purchase the phone at Verizon Wireless or the Motorola store. To win one, enter here. You also still have some time to take home a Wilco Prize pack.


[Chad VanGaalen photo by Marc Rimmer]