Red Hot Chili Peppers – “The Adventures Of Rain Dance Maggie” Video

Here’s the video for RHCP’s first single from I’m With You, and their first single with Josh Klinghoffer as guitarist, “The Adventures Of Rain Dance Maggie.” It is directed by Kreayshawn (yes that Kreayshawn). [UPDATE: This video was in fact directed by Mark Klasfeld. Kreayshawn’s has been shelved indefinitely. Says Flea: “for those asking, the kreayshawn vid just didnt work out, that happens sometimes, i think kreayshawn is awesome and a great artist.”] The clip features the Chilis lost in a rooftop jam in Venice Beach with a crowd gathering in the streets the Beatles and U2 style. It also features Anthony Keidis’s mustache and OFF! hat.

I’d do a photo caption contest but “Take OFF! that ridiculous mustache” seems like the only real option. (No disrespect to Keith Morris.) RHCP’s I’m With You, their 10th LP, is out 8/30 via Warner Bros. and has Damien Hirst-designed cover art.