New Frog Eyes Video – “Idle Songs”

Those Frog Eyes. We knew they had a nurse in their ranks, but what fine actors! In the Victoria band’s first ever video — directed by frontman Carey Mercer and edited by Sikwaya Condon — hobos hang by the wrong side of the tracks where folks get shanked, people spit, and Carey looks incredibly anguished (Oscar nod?). Then one day a dude carrying a golden horn roll into town and offers ‘em a way out.

Into a battle of the bands? Or is that just a really divisive jam session? As far as product placement and the video’s trenchant analysis of art and life: Try and spot the fish eyes and horse eyes. And horse cigarette.

Tears of the Valedictorian is out on Absolutely Kosher. A ways back the Eyes were kind enough to let us Drop a reworking of Tears tune “The Policy Merchant.” Remember?

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