New Born Ruffians – “Foxes Mate For Life”

Canadian trio Born Ruffians don’t pull punches with their brand of jerky sugar rush indie pop; over 11 songs, the band doesn’t stray far from Luke LaLonde’s spiky comping and singing, and the rhythm section follows suit in well measured fits and starts at most every step. So, it’s sorta surprising their forthcoming Red, Yellow And Blue still sounds sweet after weeks of initial listening, more honey dripped than sucralosed. “Foxes Mate For Life” shows the Ruffians in their natural habitat — syncopated and catchy — taking a pensively picked idea and sticking in a socket for a couple minutes. Hear that, when the bass and drums bowl over the acoustic? That’s where the whole record turns; it’s backloaded, and 1:20 is the gearshift. And today’s lesson: according to the refrain, quite literally, foxes don’t fuck around.

Born Ruffians - Red Yellow & Blue

Born Ruffians – “Foxes Mate For Life” (MP3)

Red, Yellow And Blue is out 3/4 via Warp. As mentioned previously, the Ruffians are joining Cadence Weapon on a tour around Canada and these United States starting next month; you can check those tour dates and grab MP3s from both acts by clicking.