New Against Me! Video – “Stop!”

Released in time for the US Presidential Election, Against Me!’s video for “Stop!” reminds us to think wisely about what’s important, but also of Kurt & Co.’s “In Bloom,” at least in its black and white, camera-mugging cheesy TV thing. Sitting on a couch, the AM! boys alternate between hating those televised images (they toss food, whip out the baseball bats) and rocking along to the SPIN, Ben Lee, and Springsteen-approved sounds.

Not one our favorite New Wave tunes, but a fun video. Is the TV host the guy who plays the pink-suited bully/warmonger in “White People For Peace“? You know, AM! played “Stop!” on a real TV show (Letterman), but the video seems to have been stripped off the web. Anyone? Anyhow, the last couple Against Me! videos have been label montages, so it’s nice to get an official turn. Plus, it always good to see the smiley drummer. Is that guy ever sad?

New Wave is out on Sire.

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