New Hercules & Love Affair Video – “Blind” (Feat. Antony)

This is one helluva video from Brooklyn-based disco-funked DFA crew Hercules & Love Affair, aka the project of Andrew Butler here with Antony on vox. Antony sounds great singing about stars and their brightness. The pea-soup fog, Biblical dancers, Solid Gold orgy, and two-faced king/queen of the video? Pretty damn fabulous.

Some Sodom & Gomorrah shit. The forthcoming album also has vocals from Kim Ann and Nomi. It’s out on DFA/EMI in Europe 3/10 and sometime after that in the US. If you type in some personal demographic info and don’t mind being on a mailing list, you can get a free copy of “Hercules Theme” here. And listen to some more at MySpace.