Mark Goodman Had Really Great Hair: Three Hours Of MTV From 1983

With commercials! (Some of which have Big Country playing in ‘em.) Yes, in a sort of OldStand-meets-Video Hangover hangover, three hours of vintage MTV have made it online, and it’s amazing to see again how not slick it is, and how likable Mark Goodman was: “Nobody here has ever been to London anyway,” when discussing a Doors convention. A convention, “in the Beatles convention sense.” We get Martha Quinn references, a Twisted Sister poster, MTV’s special Police American Tour shirt, Loverboy dates, and, of course, the videos: “Sharp Dressed Man,” “Talking In Your Sleep,” “I’m Still Standing,” “Rebel Yell” (“The brand new one from Billy Idol…”), “Cum On Feel The Noize,” “Back On The Chain Gang,” “Heart & Soul,” etc. Strange how we remember every move Huey Lewis makes in the latter … and how cool is Knight Ranger’s keyboardist? If someone has a second can they call 1-800-HOT-ROCK and see if it still works? Are you ready?

Part two after the jump.

We definitely want this MTV. (via BoingBoing)