New Morning Benders Video – “Crosseyed”

Our first listen of this track last year came with a note that the Morning Benders planned on self-releasing their full-length debut, but things change when people start paying attention. Now the band’s got themselves a little label to call home, and have moved on to the task of filming videos that represent the angle of their jangle which, we said, is “rooted in the acoustic side of Chutes/Inverted World Shins, but that hasn’t stopped us from enjoying.” Nothing’s changed, then; “Crosseyed” still owes its debts, is still a great tune. Here they are strolling above Berkeley in a video by Francisco Stoll that, like lots of videos these days, is studied at the school of Vincent Moon. It’s mostly Chris Chu’s walk in the sun, although the rest of the band pops up to add a vocal here, fall out of a chair there. Sort of like a real morning bender, except a lot more catchy and a lot less likely to make you eat something greasy for lunch.

Studio version, featuring a doubled vocal track, percussion, and kazoos:

The Morning Benders – “Crosseyed” (MP3)

Good song. Old MP3s here, Roy Oribson cover here. The Morning Benders proper debut is out this May via +1 Records.