Brace Yourself … New Vampire Weekend Songs, Old Vampire Weekend Trailer

Did everybody pick up their copy of Vampire Weekend yesterday? Good. Now throw it out; backlash starts today.

Still here, eh? You must enjoy appearing uncool. Well, a treat then, for your bravery: Last night Vampire Weekend kicked off their big tour at Bowery Ballroom — by all accounts the crowd was in love, John Norris and MTV were filming, people were dancing and stuff — and the band veered off the Blue CD-R/debut playlist to offer up some new tunes. Here are clips of the tracks that will be comprised by the sophomore record P4K is waiting patiently to give a 1.3. Everybody got their drum machines and ska vibes ready? Then you’re set for “White Skies” (Rostam says “‘White Sky’ as of right now” — thanks Freshbread):

Ezra’s dreamy in that Alex Turner sorta way in that video, you know? Did you miss him on guitar? Then you’ll like the other one more.

This one’s called “Arrows,” apparently. Familiar recipe, what with the Africa and the Brooklyn and the indie. Sweet licks.

New stuff sounds good! Look at that, backlashing the backlash. Already. Fucking awesome. And thanks to Mike for hitting us with some bonusness: Vampire Weekend: The Movie. Coming Christmas 2005.