Grizzly Bear Bring “Ready, Able” To Letterman

After being unceremoniously bumped from Letterman on account of a babbling Bob Lutz, Grizzly Bear finally got their shot to return to the Ed Sullivan Theatre. Our neighborhood heroes don’t have quite the history with the room as other Letterman musical guests from this week, but for Ed, Dan, and the Chrisses, it was returning to the scene of a little band milestone of their own, premiering “Two Weeks” on national TV and starting a long and protracted buzz cycle for Veckatimest. The album delivered, of course, and now we’re getting to see another classic Grizz maneuver: record some great songs, slowly watch them soar after months on the road. I do my best to hold back on the gush with these guys because duh everybody knows where we stand, but this “Ready, Able,” with the ACME quartet filling out the spaces with bows and pizzicato, is the best version of the song you’ve ever heard. Ed’s voice OMG.

For some bonus action, here’s the band doing “All We Ask” in the balcony of the Pabst Theater in Milwaukee for a bunch of indifferent hipsters.

You can read the story behind the shoot in the description of its YouTube page.