New Ben Lee Video (Feat. Tiffani Thiessen) – “American Television”

We follow Ben Lee’s moves around in here, in part because he’s capable of proficient pop when he’s on his game, but mostly because he tends towards good times, like giving away complete covers of contemporary records, getting shut down by NYC cops, saying hi, etc. So in the spirit of his increasingly personal brand of kitsch, here’s an Aussie’s video paean to the ’80s in America, in all their Power Glove? glory. We’re talking ALF, Doogie Howser, Night Court and Kelly Kapowski from Saved By The Bell (I know you had 90210 and dropped the middle name, but you’ll always be Tiffany Amber Thiessen to me). Maybe the Sweatin’ To The Oldies parody name could have been a little more clever.

Nothing beats that “Black Or White” face-meld sequence. Do you remember how obviously high budget that appeared back then? Makes me so nostalgic I could just grab my crotch, smash a car, and turn into a lion, ya know?