New A Place To Bury Strangers Video – “The Falling Sun”

The found footage parade continues: After “My Body Is A Cage,” Sam Amidon’s covered wagons, and HEALTH’s unofficial slice of “Heaven,” Brooklyn melancholic noisemongers A Place To Bury Strangers nip and tuck the late ’70s sci-fi film Lathe Of Haven in the David Yoonha Park-directed video for “The Falling Sun.” Get your Ursula K. Le Guin groove on.

According to YouTube, which misspells Ursula’s name (so we’re guessing that maybe this vid’s unofficial), Lathe is “the first sci-fi movie ever produced for public television.” It works: apocalyptic, Dhalgren love rock for the haunting, warping Sigur Rós-on-feedback-steroids (and Ian Curtis) tune. Remember how MGMT offered filmic homage in a different way? Ahh, Brooklyn.

A Place to Bury Stangers is out on Killer Pimp.