Wild Flag – “Romance” Video

The punk rock supergroup Wild Flag now has a video for their single “Romance,” and it’s a fun one. WFMU host and NYC comedy scene linchpin Tom Scharpling directs, and all four members of the band get a chance to get their Portlandia on a little bit, playing office functionaries who go on awesomeness sprees on their lunch break.

The comedy bits in the video ably make the case that the women of Wild Flag would be a whole lot of fun to hang out with. The real draw, though, may be the live clips, which do a nice job of showing why you need to see this band when they come to your town. Scharpling has only directed four videos before this one, but all four of the clips on his resume are winners. Scharpling is also my colleague in this thing, so full disclosure and all that. Here’s the video:

The self-titled Wild Flag album is out 9/13 on Merge, and it kicks ass.