Jim DeRogatis, Greg Kot, And Conan Hate The Doors

You don’t often see music critics on late night television. Maybe with good reason. Last night Jim DeRogatis and Greg Kot, longtime Chicago writers and hosts of Sound Opinions, did a pretty good job on Conan. DeRogatis dissed the Dead and managed a Kraftwerk reference (in reference to Alicia and Frank, nonetheless). And Kot’s vexing Bono anecdote is great. Both of ‘em took easy digs at Dave Matthews (those 15-minute violin solos) … and the Doors (who Conan also dislikes). The main reason they were there (besides the strike) was to recap the all-past, no-future Grammys.

Somehow will.i.am wasn’t mentioned. Damny. We like how DeRogatis sagely termed Kanye, “Jack Nicholson of the Grammys,” i.e. everyone feels the need to reference him (right, Vince Gill?). They seemed sorta nervous (aka they seemed like music writers). Did you catch when Kot said Grateful Dead when he meant DMB? OK, easy mistake. Insulting Max? Unforgivable. Though according to Kot’s recap of the night, looks like Weingberg’s more concerned with getting to a Spice Girls show on time than kicking DeRogatis’s ass. Good thing, since Jim already has Ryan Adams to contend with.