New Johan Agebjörn (Feat. Nintendo) Video – “Mega Man II”

Already the 8-bit memories are coming rushing back, we know. But even those for whom up-down-up-down-left-right-left-right-B-A-B-A never meant a thing can appreciate at least part of what’s going on here. This game of Mega Man II is set to the Johan Abebjörn level, which naturally is the degree of difficulty prescribed for producers of icy disco princess Sally Shapiro’s Disco Romance. Johan dropped a line to fill us in on the “MM II” cut, a dancefloor-ready slice of Nintendo-pop which appears on the forthcoming “Spacer Woman From Mars” 12″. That collection features his snow-dusted muse; “This track doesn’t feature Sally though,” he adds. It’s okay dude. It has Mega Man, and he’s a lot less camera shy.

“Spacer Woman From Mars” 12″ (featuring Sally Shapiro) to be released on Loeb (sublabel of Lo Recordings) on Feb 25th.