New R.E.M. Video – “Supernatural Superserious”

The Vincent Moon-directed video for Accelerate’s first single fits with the filmic, low-tech look of the Vincent Moon-directed promo materials that’ve come before it. We see the R.E.M. boys standing around pensively, going through the rigors of recording, hopping into cars, walking the streets (guitars in hands sometimes, suspiciously Take-Away style), and eventually gathering together for in-stores and more than a few chuckles. Observe, the fruits of their sex-shopped day on the LES, and stick around for the meta ending:

Michael looks so happy! He must’ve read the premature evaluation, where Matt noted the song’s “another in Michael Stipe’s ongoing series of pep-talk tunes.” Cool, dude, just skip the part where he also says “lyrically, it’s basically a rewritten version of ‘Imitation Of Life.'” OK, deal.

Check out for Mr. Moon’s behind-the-scenes mosaic.

Accelerate is out 4/1 on Warner.

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