Empire Of The Sun’s Special Solar Eclipse Broadcast

Around 11PM EST on 7/21, our galaxy experienced the 21st century’s longest eclipse of the sun. If you read your astrologyzone you know this was the perfect time to meet your soulmate or ask your boss for a raise or bring about TRANSFORMATIVE CHANGE in your life. Hopefully you did that! Or something super fun! And hopefully you didn’t spend it watching Empire Of The Sun’s special eclipse webcast! Because Luke Steele’s broadcast is actually a fairly neat video/project, with the typical sci-fi weirdo dolphin faced costumes paired to some nice new futuristic Prince-funk sounds, but it is not exactly eternal flame/job promotional material. Plus, YouTube. So if you didn’t then, now you can spend 6:39 — the precise time that the sun was eclipsed by the moon (only visible in Australia, if you’re wondering why EOTS made such a big deal about it; also because they are called Empire Of The Sun, though) — watch it right here.

Hope y’all had a great eclipse. I slept, it was super cosmic.